Promoting A Positive Health & Safety Culture In The Workplace

Dylan Loughlin

What is Health and Safety Culture?

Health and safety is the foundation for success in any organisation and failure to comply with policies or implement safety management systems can be detrimental to both someone’s life and the business.

Implementing an effective health and safety policy requires identifying how you can minimise the risks to personnel and others who visit your workplace, but also defining and highlighting health and safety responsibilities within the workplace.

How to Promote a Positive Health & Safety Culture in the Workplace

Changing the health and safety culture of an organisation is no simple task and requires appropriate steps to alter the attitudes and behaviours of the employees. The success of a positive health and safety culture depends heavily on the organisation’s leaders and how well they not only demonstrate health and safety but how they implement, monitor and enforce health and safety practices in the workplace.

It is difficult to measure health and safety due to its nature, however, by implementing what is known as the 4 C’s would help instil a positive health and safety culture in the workplace. The 4 C’s are as following:


Competence relates to the individual’s specific skill set, knowledge, ability, training and experience in their job role and ultimately health and safety


Control relates to the supervision, monitoring and enforcement from management to ensure activities are carried out by employees safely and according to appropriate training and instruction


Effective communication will encourage employees to make the right decision in relation to health and safety. This can be communicated by means of team meetings, individual discussion, posters, DVD, memos, emails, or noticeboards. In order for the communication to be effective, it must be followed up to ensure the employees understanding


Whenever employees are consulted in work-related matters, they demonstrate commitment and loyalty. Therefore, co-operation between management, employees, safety reps and safety groups such as safety committee and team meetings will help build a positive health and safety culture in the workplace.

What are the Benefits of Promoting a Workplace Health & Safety Culture?

Promoting a positive health and safety culture within your organisation provides many benefits to both your business and the employee, including;

Improved morale and attitudes towards health and safety;

Provide a greater awareness of workplace risks;

Sense of ownership of issues;

Comply with legal requirements;

Joint solutions to problems;

Reduced accidents and ill-health, and related costs;

Improvements in efficiency, quality and productivity;

Meet customer demands and maintain credibility.

If you ensure your organisation has a health and safety policy in place, that staff are trained, consulted and informed in matters pertaining to health and safety, and management are regularly monitoring and effectively enforcing safe workplace practices, you will promote a positive health and safety culture in your organisation.

This not only keeps people safe, but ensures that you don’t give rise to a costly tribunal claim.

If you would like health and safety advice, guidance on drawing up a policy or even a site visit/audit of your current workplace health and safety practices, then just contact our dedicated H&S Officer Lisa.